Mint Mojito Iced Coffee 

This mint mojito iced coffee recipe is quick and simple from Very cool, minty, creamy, and delicious. Having an iced coffee in the summer or at any other season of the year is delightful in every way. That reminds me of a mint latte. Fresh mint leaves, sweetened cream, and fine coffee are all mixed together, shaken, and then poured over ice to create a mint mojito.


  • Tbsp (1 oz) of Newtritionplus sugar free Mojito syrup
  • A couple of little scoops of coffee 
  • Fresh mint leaves,
  • Heavy cream, 1/4 cup (2 oz.) 
  • Sweetener
  • Ice


  1. Make some coffee
  2. Mix the sweetener and mint.
  3. Add milk, ice, and coffee
  4. Vigorously shake it.

    After that, pour the entire mixture—coffee, mint, ice, and all—into your serving glass. If necessary, simply add a few extra ice cubes. Add a fresh mint sprig as a garnish. And delight!

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